For years, my paintings were inspired by photographs taken from the car window. I was, and continue to be,  intrigued by the tension between the beauty of creation and the priorities of man. These “Drive-by Still Lifes” depict this intersection.

My work stems from a deep appreciation and respect for nature. Within my paintings, I explore the juxtaposition of nature, man, and the divine. Because I am passionate about caring for and protecting our environment for future generations, I use eco-friendly art supplies as much as possible. I build my artwork with water-soluble oils or acrylics combined with recycled everyday objects like junk mail, work shirts, and phone book pages. I have also utilized tiny metal findings from my father's and grandfather's workshops. In addition, I integrate various other symbolic “found” elements such as language and sound.

Ever since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, advertising has driven our desire for electricity, technology and transportation—stimulating our appetite for more and more, creating an illusion of self-reliance. Clues to this relationship of supply and demand may be found in overused fragments of ad speak—“call now,” “free,” “operators standing by,”—placed around the edges of my collage paintings. These messages are embedded into our environment. I contrast these phrases with scripture verses etched into the background. These elements serve to further demonstrate the dichotomy between the manufactured and the divine.

I am excited to have had the opportunity to collaborate with my husband Steve, a seasoned sound engineer and musician. Together, we have utilized sound as a symbolic collage material. This multi-media presentation invites the audience to contemplate further elements within this on-going dialogue.

The artwork I create addresses concepts of consumerism, stewardship, and the paradox of independence/dependence within our societal landscape. Through the subject matter of my work, I invite the audience to contemplate our attitudes, priorities and responsibilities. I feel compelled to paint these contemplative landscapes because they speak to me of the delicate balance we walk with nature, and with ourselves.

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