My work stems from a deep appreciation and respect for nature. Within my collage paintings and assemblages, I explore the tension between the beauty of creation and the priorities of man. Because I am passionate about caring for and protecting our environment for future generations, I use eco-friendly art supplies as much as possible. I combine recycled everyday objects like junk mail, plastics, old clothing, computer parts and metal findings with traditional art materials. Through innovative reinvention, I hope to inspire a  greater consciousness and creativity towards the  paraphernalia we would otherwise discard.

My most recent collage paintings and assemblages are all constructions within a series I have entitled  "Detrimorphose." These works depict the power of brokenness and redemption. Each piece gives new life to that which has been cast aside. The elements are repconfigured, often to suggest a landscape or seascape, through the framework of grids and geometric patterns. I also explore the nature of time through a meticulous process of layering.

The artwork I create addresses concepts of stewardship, consumerism, and the paradox of independence/dependence within our societal landscape. Concurrently, they incorporate themes of family, community and teamwork as the individual pieces are reconnected and work together to create a larger purpose. I feel compelled to build these works because they speak to me of the delicate balance we walk with our environment, nature, and with ourselves.

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collage paintings