My most recent collage paintings and assemblages are all constructions within a series I have entitled  "Detrimorphose." These works depict the power of brokenness and redemption. Each piece gives new life to that which has been cast aside. My artwork combines everyday objects such as plastic findings, junk mail, old computer parts and plastic grocery bags with traditional art materials. Inspired by the  geometric patterns and the nurturing spirit of quilts, they explore the nature of time as well as the strength,  resilience and intricacies of restoration. My new pieces build on, yet simultaneously, strip away what I have  created in past years.

Through the use of these materials, I hope to inspire a  greater consciousness and creativity towards the  paraphernalia we would otherwise discard. The artwork  I create addresses concepts of stewardship, consumerism, and the paradox of independence/dependence within our societal landscape. Concurrently, they incorporate themes of family and community. I feel compelled to build these works because they speak to me of the delicate balance we walk with our environment, nature, and with ourselves.

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collage paintings